Planetside 2 Revisited Many Years Later

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Planetside 2 used to be a much bigger part of my channel. Now I find it most interesting as a learning experience for future games attempting massive scale all out MMO FPS warfare.

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  1. A couple tips from a veteran who still plays:
    1) And this is the more important one – Forget your KDR. You’re going to die. A lot. Everyone does. Most high level players have a lifetime KDR of barely more than 1.0 – 1.5. A sub 1 KDR is not rare. Everyone’s been there.
    2) Don’t buy weapons with your earned currency (certs). All of the default weapons are good, though a few have some harsh recoil patterns. Spend on your passive slots to improve the class, instead of the gun. Buying that shiny 1000 cert weapon won’t suddenly make you iron man.
    3) Go out of you comfort zone and try to join an Outfit (guild/clan). Getting a bit of cohesion from an outfit platoon will make a huge impact on how your gameplay feels, and playing with others is always more fun. It’s a team game. Embrace it.
    See you Planetside 😛

    1. Funny how most Planetside 2 no1tip is prepare to die a lot because vets have 10 000hours playtime,all upgrades and tgousands of certs in the bank 🙂

    2. I disagree with not buying a weapon. I couldn’t get used to the basic ones. Then I bought my infiltrator SMG and SAS-R sniper and my K/D got at least 4x better.

    3. “Can dead guys capture objectives?”

      No, but he can respawn at no cost and try again. If you outflank the enemy and get to the point without making a kill their front line will see the point flipping and begin to fall back to secure it. Without killing one single person you’ve weakened their frontline and potentially allowed your allies to overwhelm that position. The guys who fell back onto the point will almost certainly kill you, maybe without you killing any of them but by the time they have, there’s a decent chance your allies will be breaching the building with the capture point in it.

      Additionally, vehicle kills aren’t counted in KD, If I’ve taken a rocket launcher and blasted a tank half to hell, and the driver jumps out just before my last shot blows it up I don’t get a kill on him. If he turns and is able to kill me then I’ve lost on KD but I still got his tank.

      It’s just a very crude (and pointless) measure in a game where there is no penalty for dying.

  2. After reading a lot of comments i see a lot of people are getting back into it, and i think that makes it a great game. I started watching LevelCap because he was the team leader of one of the factions for an RP event or something, don’t really remember. And NOT 2 WEEKS ago, i thought about this game, and re-downloaded it. It makes me so happy to see that others remember this game to be as fun as i did, and i think that stands for something in the relative terms of the game’s success. I will definitely be playing this again, hope to see you all out there on the field!

  3. PlanetSide 2 is the reason I subbed to you all those years ago. I’m not really into FPS games other than PS2 and therefore haven’t watched many of your videos for the past few years. It was nice to see this. Glad you’re still making videos.

    1. Daybreak cut the staffing, fired alot of executives and cut all advertising funds etc they’re just trying to milk the games SOE invested millions into.

    2. Skobo Do at peak hours, easily 400-500 combined on one continent, with 100 vs 100 fights concentrated on one base, making it a lagfest, farm, and lots of fun. Huge vehicle columns duking out with one another. And that’s the time when you want to grab all your C4s :3. So yea this game is very much alive.

    3. Well 5k sounds much, but don’t actualy say anything.
      1)How much Player are on one Server?
      2)How much of this Player are Vanu, Nc, Tr?

      e.g. 5k Player destrubuted to all Servers and all factions equaly is nothing.

    1. CJBMAGGOT94 and here you are, complaining in the YouTube comment section. What an amazing life you must have then hahaha. Played planetside 2 5500 hours 🙂

  4. Planet side 2. One of those games where you really feel like you are part of something bigger when you fight alongside a team

  5. This should be a full series on your channel called REVISITED. You can take a look at games that either were once mainstays on your channel, or were not exactly recieved well in the beginning, but have improved over time… What do you think???

    1. If they ever get around to developing a PS3 it could be massive, they just need to spend time analyzing PS1 and PS2 for their strengths and weaknesses then build on those with modern/reasonable graphics and physics.

    2. Patrick Sheridan if it came out today it would be incomplete, clunky, backwards thinking and rife with loot boxes like every other SOE title. I miss planetdide 1 even with the clunky broken bunny hopping supertanks of dubious balance. PS2 failed to learn from the mistakes then made a whole lot of new errors of its own.

    1. Skobo Do You shouldn’t be attacking easy to defend bases when there’s people in. Just yesterday, we went to go take a tech lab, (really hard to attack, easy to defend). We couldn’t do anything. So we switched to another spot and everyone from the tech lab followed. Then, we got our squad leads to go back to the tech lab and set up spawn beacons. Everyone redeployed, we took the one point and instantly set up defensive positions around their spawn rooms. Now WE were the ones defending, and we won. That’s how you take those bases. Tactics will always beat brute force.

    2. RadActiveLobster I love the vanu community I can allways join a platoon and feel like I’m part of something bigger and such good cordination

  6. Used to play this game quite alot, it was so fun and epic and damn that trailer it had blew me away, so nostalgic to go back and watch 😀

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