Firestorm Gameplay and Impressions Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V Firestorm Gameplay and Impressions. Battle Royale makes its first appearance in a Battlefield game. What are the mechanics, is it any good, and does it have legs? Let's take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. 2019/2018 almost every single game at least having a battle royale mode.

    2030: *the world becomes a battle royale*

    *thx for the likes guys! this is my first comment with over 1K likes*

    1. +The Hussle I know what mil sim is. Arma and Squad are mil sim games. Not battlefield or call of duty. And world war 2 actually happened so a modern day battle royale ( PUBG ) really isn’t any more realistic or unrealistic. Just a different time period. ( not to say that I wouldn’t love a modern combat battlefield game with battle royale )

    2. +David Nabholz no its mil sim as in milsim you know military sim short for military simulation where it simulates combat the military partakes in that makes the player feel like they really are in real life combat or close to it. Mil-sim.

  2. I’m still with you on that 120 player round of Conquest, Jack. Imagine 2 axis powers vs 2 allies, that’d be pretty interesting.

    1. The problem with that is lag. In the Grand Operations games when there are a bunch of players and tanks and other things all happening at once the lag becomes almost unbearable. And I am not sure if the lag is network or system based. But with 50 vs. 50 the lag would be fun but probably horrific.

    1. I hope you speak a language other than English and German for making fun of peoples accents because last time I checked German English is as funny as English German 👌🏽😂

    1. sometimes isn’t cause they don’t want, more players in a game maybe crash the game for consols, you don’t know, optimization for a game is such important

    1. WWII ! They could have made it all out war, storm the beaches of Normandy, fight the battle of the bulge, make your way to a boat at Dunkirk. Instead we get a friggin Fortnite clone. Disgrace.

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