1. It looks decent. It also looks heavily Division inspired with all the enemy types and Raid. I’m intrigued for sure. Just hopefully they don’t end up becoming too much like each other.

    1. I currently play both Wildlands and Division 2. The only ressemblance is they are third person shooter but one is more tactical (GRWL) and the other RPG (Division). But I do hope the cover system will be better with Breakpoint (Which I see from the gameplay video to be reworked)

    2. both wont be a clone as the main big difference is division having rpg elements and breaking point/ghost recon in general not. there are no bullet sponge enemies or gear score levels in ghost recon

    1. Ash Vulpine idk Ubisoft is very inconsistent with quality

      Sometimes it can be old and boring or downright bad
      And sometimes it can be really good and they stay partially true to their word

    1. The Division is an RPG though. I don’t think there’s a way around the bullet sponge. It’s similar to Borderlands, yet no one complains about bullet sponges there.

    2. +Connor Murphy As is the case for any Multiplayer RPG games that’s also a shooter. It’s just how the genre is, if the division used melee weapons/bows no one would bat an eye.

    1. I would rather it not, this isnt a sim. I match my camo anyway but I dont care if it actually works, I just do it to look cool lol. I usually base my character off of a actual person like Marcus luttrell and many others

    2. +Whyareyouupset
      That’s an easy solution, sort out camo practicality with difficulties. Easier, more casual difficulties don’t have it on, and the more hardcore ones have it on.

  2. Sounds brilliant luved wildlands but a grown up grittier version sounds ace. (Anyone that didn’t like GRWL needs to re play it on extreme difficulty with No HUD completely different game)

    1. +Lo-Ki It’s fine on your own, you can switch the AI team mates off. It’s better like that. Get on some Facebook groups and you’ll be playing with others that night.

    2. It is a shame after few useless DLCs they left GRWL for dead with such a massive potential of epicness. A massive world or even worlds in worlds. Fantastic Graphics and all that. The game did not need to get a new entry rather constant updates and content. Well in $ We believe.

  3. OMG I was praying for it to be like wildlands and it’s revealed and it’s it’s wildlands grown up edition 😁 Jesus I’m so excited

    1. Yup! He was in the newest DLC for Wildlands too giving you a warning about what’s coming up (which is now the game breaking point).

    1. +FrankieS Slip Al stop hyping. Remember the alpha gameplay for R6S? Or the gameplay for watchdogs? I can go on for days, this is Ubisoft. Keep expectations low when it comes to graphics. And hopefully they will surprise us this time.

    2. +renea crawford False, that as changed with ubisoft since the 1st watchdogs/r6 ! since then, everything they shown is what you got. It’s sad to be that much bitter and a liar.

    3. +Kyckling Hype what? I just saw the gameplay, Level Cap already played, it was streamed an hour ago, Ghost recon wildlands was nice, and this is even better, I don’t care about Ubisoft, the franchise has a good reputation…

    1. +Zargex both are survival stealthy games about a spec op hunting down a former spec op from the same organization as them and both involve fairly realistic world’s with some sci-fi tech thrown in. You can say it won’t be as good as the glorious MGS3 but you can’t say they aren’t similar

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