Rage 2 Gameplay + First Impressions


Rage 2 is the anticipated sequel to the 2011 original. First person, open world with a bit of Mad Max thrown in. Sponsored by Nvidia 2080 Ti: – This is the first 60 minutes with and I had fun! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. Levi bethesda are just the publishers idiot. Make sure what you’re saying is true before saying it. It’s made by id software and avalanche studios

    1. +BookPvP Because the gameplay will feel better with an fps of at least 60. Less than that and you’re going to miss shots and the game will feel less smooth.

    2. why does the fucking fps counter matter. it was smooth and its like knowone actually cares about the game just the fucking fps counter

    3. That would make even more sense if you said something like im on my 1440p monitor and I literally cannot see the fps counter. Like how the hell are you supposed to see stuff at your own fricking phone? Waky waky

    1. +Scapechild but you’re used to playing at 60fps. Jack isn’t. Jumping down to a third the frame you normally get is going to throw you aim off. But I also agree to the sentiment that he wasn’t going for headshots to begin with

    2. Your commend doesn’t mean anything. I play games like battlefield on pc 4K ultra settings getting 60fps maybe a little higher or lower depending on the game and I can still dominate and get plenty of headshots. To me it just felt like he didn’t care that much about this game and was just playing it because of the sponsorship.

    3. He’s only getting 50-60 fps. Normally he gets over 144 fps for competitive games. Proof that 4k gaming isn’t possible with everything maxed yet. Not that you need everything maxed.

    1. The way they do it? Maybe.

      But I wanted to stare at a short-haired, attractive woman for 75% of the game. Very disappointed.

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