GT GOKU LOVES RAGE QUITTERS… – Dragon Ball FighterZ GT Goku, Broly & Jiren


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  1. That rage quit on the first opponent lol. The thing is that guys like this rage quit because they learn how to attack (and they attack pretty well) but they don’t know how to defend, so they attack as much as they can so they don’t have to defend. When you have the mindgame and you prevent his random moves, he rage quits instantly.

    1. This game is very much alive. One thing I hope this game does is to inspire others to try out other fighting games, like Street Fighter and Tekkken.

    2. +Kaizen Uchiha for a long time kid buu, bardock, and cell made the game so stale i jus lt assumed people would have left. Then take out cell and replace him with gotenks

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