Rage 2 – Before You Buy


Rage 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the latest idSoftware shooter. Does this open world post apocalyptic FPS do enough to stand out? Let's talk.
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    1. OVERPOWER … speed rush.. Rage.. lip sync is poor but combat mechanics is fantastic, same with loads of content and dialogue 8/10… the game play is where this game is at

    1. +Naked Father not technically open world, more sandbox, but indeed a fun and lively game with so many dense worlds to explore. Have many fond memories of me as a lil’ lemon playing Rolblox & Minecraft

  1. I had no interest in this game but I forgot to skip that one trailer where he “punches” a Buffalo of a cliff and thought “Yeah. I might even buy this full price”

  2. Looks like a cross between Borderlands and Mad Max.
    Gotta love embracing the madness vibe of these kind of games.

    Will buy later today, so excited.

    1. Matthew Carrasco from what I’m hearing, it runs poorly like most new games on console. Buy on PC if you can, can’t believe we’re actually there where consoles are no longer able to keep up with current titles.

    2. +Rintarou good news is i did too and these are pretty on par with them! if not maybe a bit more realistic?? but i definitely like the weight of the vehicles in this more than mad max actually

  3. It’s a fun offline shooter, I have about 7 hours in and haven’t experienced any glitches or bugs , runs smooth and looks great on PS4 Pro 👌

    1. If you love blowing bad guys away then it’s a no brainer. A lot of mindless fun and the game doesn’t take itself seriously. The story and characters are weak, but the towns and outposts are nice to wander. I don’t understand why it’s an open world game – as the open world does break up the fun a bit.

      Just my opinion. I’m only 7 hours in, but I’m having a blast.

    2. +Norbert Klar its not a review, it’s a before you buy. They give impressions and opinions on the games with gameplay. It’s not about the technical aspects of the games as much as what they thought of it. Also the only truly “objective” reviews are those shitty graphics comparisons

    3. +Norbert Klar Its like you’ve never listened to the first few words he says in the intro. You’re in the wrong place bud, but hey, it’s okay to be wrong.

    1. +MrHawkYT the FoV slider works but it distorts the image. 90 seems to be the sweet spot so you don’t get that weird “fish-eye lens” look.

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