The Bren Makes Losing Fun


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    1. +Richard Lara You have to get 20 head-shot kills in objective areas in one round or 10 head-shot kills in objective areas in one life.
      Which is an absolute nightmare to achieve.

  1. I appreciate you demonstrating that you too are human! So many content providers simply edit and post only their beast mode runs. I like the sense of humility you convey here. Think I’ll give the Bren another go; thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Not sure if its just me but its boring watching someone play bfv. Ive seen everything on bfv that now its just boring to play or watch someone play the game. love the video!

    1. +Dunk Master I play battlefield for the sandbox gameplay. I like tactical, focused gameplay but I also like having the possibility to strap c4 to a jeep and drive it to a tank jihad style. I feel that bf3 hit that balance best

  3. Some of my favourite games where the ones I lost!… but the matchmaking in this game sucks… it really does. I am honestly fed up of me and maybe four others carrying a full team of complete buffoons.

  4. Well when I try to have “fun” with other class or other weapon, I always die. Then I say to myself “time to save my k/d” switch to lewis gun, easily 40+kill per round. Lewis gun is the best

  5. Matchmaking really does need some work. Teams have becoming less objective based, I feel a lot of players are funneling into objectives without using simple tactics.

  6. Yay, BFV gameplay! And not even firestorm, too. Please, I’d love more of that. 😀

    While the last couple months have been quite rough, the current build of this game runs almost perfectly on my system once again. Constantly high fps.
    I’m really learning to love this game all over again, thanks to that. :]

  7. Fire/Molotovs in this game are absolutely broken. So many times I burn alive because I think I’m at a safe distance but… surprise

  8. It’s been so long, I really wish they’d just add the iconic WWII maps to this game. I know so many people who will play if they had the maps and guns we expected

    1. trip1ex it’s not just bfv or 1 it’s all of them. Even bf3/4 there’s always those flags that a team rarely goes to but you’ll see those flags, usually in the center, where teams go head to head for the most part.

    2. The_C4Dude i understand completely. I’d say conquest it’s a more relaxed game mode, because I also enjoy breakthrough but sometimes I play a little conquest to take a break from all the chaos since it wears me down a bit. There’s no right or wrong answer it’s whatever you enjoy.

    3. Conquest is great. Just not in BFV and not in BF1 either. Too much ring around the rosie. That is all it is nowadays. Run around in circles constantly. It’s nonsensical. Conquest used to play out much more like Operations except you still had freedom of choice to attack whatever flag you wanted to attack from whatever direction. It’s just back in the day you had to go through the enemy a lot more often to get a flag. Now teams just willingly exchange flags for 20 minutes straight. There is no semblance of maintaining any sort of frontline in front of the flags you own. It’s just onto to the next flag. Around and around the map. LIke a hamster on a wheel. Spinning constantly but going nowhere. Pointless.

  9. They really need to fix the sounds. I can never hear an enemy TANK coming, not speaking of enemy soldiers. The sounds are just messed up. DICE PLS!

  10. Had suuuuuch a good squad conquest run earlier. Had a great squad of players, pushing the objectives and doing their class roles. So many close games we won/lost by 5 points give or take each round

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