The Online SCORPION- Mortal Kombat 11: “Johnny Cage” Gameplay


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    1. I really liked when u did ranked and I was just wondering if maybe u could do some of your videos in ranked I find it more interesting when your matches are closer and are worth more because u try harder cuz it’s worth something and it’s more interesting

  1. I actually jumped into this channel because your MKX videos kept getting recommended to me. Ever since, you’re the reason I bought mk11 and I never miss a video. Keep up the amazing work and hopefully we encounter ourselves in the game.

  2. I swear, MK11 should have a intro were johnny tells scorpion if he still has that photo of him.
    (Its in the MK Movie if you didn’t know what i was talking about)

  3. Why are some people hating this game they never give an actual reason but talking about the design and gameplay clunky which isnt clunky to me and the designs look amazing.. I love this game my favorite this year hands down.

  4. “I’m gonna do the shadow kick”
    *In the back of Supers’ mind* “Dont do the shadow kick, it’s unsafe on block.”
    *Does the shadow kick*
    “Ugh! Why did I do that?”

    I can relate dude.

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