We Judge Car Builds at Driftcon 2019!

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  1. Hey Jack, Challenge ideas:
    -Nicboyoze or Superburger it in GTA CIty Camo
    -Real-life cars in FH4
    -FH4 Sleeper & Reverse Sleeper Challenge
    -Fortune Island Hide and Seek
    -Each Crew Member makes a Welcome to Hell race
    -GTA Funny Moments/Minigames/City Camo/Adversary Mode Stuff
    Love your vids, and Nasty’s and Gallegos’s and more so much!! Keep up the good work

  2. u should also do a challenge on who can make the best “F1 car” out of a kit car or something else similar to a F1 car and do a lapped race or a drag race or something on fh4

  3. As soon as he said it’s not a single imperfection on it I found a chip in the paint on the r34

    Edit: forgot where the chip was
    It was on the right fender

    1. What would From I heard it I know that it was illegal to import and drive until 2024 but I guess not I guess you can import but not drive you know what let’s see what Google says

    2. It’s legal, it was prob imported when it was new before the US put direct import laws in the early 2000’s. Same way that R34’s and other cars that are closer to 2000 exist in the US somewhere.

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