Al Sundan Raw Gameplay – New Map! | Battlefield V


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    1. Agreed. It seems like such a waste of space. Why build that part of the map if there aren’t any flags near that SW corner? Seems weird.

    2. The level designer said that there was an extra flag there but it kept being shelled and no one played there, but it’s not out of the question.

    1. @Alpha Wolffe battlefield can’t do that due to balance issues that I’m sure players will get pissed about… *BUT* you can do that on war thunder

    1. Yeah. So they got him back in. Nice. Wonder who caved. Levelcap to be less critical (or at least to make it public) or Dice to accept more criticism.

    1. Ya really no thanks that bs was dumb af I’d soon all buildings just have some destruction in them then one set building or structure with levelution nonsense

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