Marita and MAB 38 Raw Gameplay – New Map & Gun! | Battlefield V


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    1. Aroma White ya I’d sooner a free DLC game over a premium one not everyone can dish out $60 twice for premium and also it keeps community together and not split ,yes content might be bit slower coming out but in end it keeps player base together and fuller lobbies on newer maps.

    2. Ya sadly very few games come out working perfect at launch now and never finished products.Its almost like we get beta builds of games for while until there patched and updated to full products

    3. One, BF4 is set in modern times not in the 1940s idiot, a new BF will come next year and it’ll most likely by cold war and have more modern weaponry and vehicles.

  1. no tanks no planes and really nice angles for infantry gunfight. Mercury was visualy nice but the gameplay is meh…but this… in terms of gameplay looks insanely promising!

    1. @Raman Jawanda infantry focus gameplay has always been a thing as there was a ton of active tdm servers back in bf3. Why do you think operation metro was so succefull? no tanks, no planes! To say this game is on the decline because its less vehicle oriented is a dumb statement.

    2. This franchise is becoming Call of Duty to cater to noobs. I remember when BF use to be competitive. I went from having a 1.3 something kd in bfbc2/bf3 to over 2 in BF1 and 5. The infantry focus is a joke and is the reason this franchise is on the decline.

    1. MythicSwelly 27 I actually like the 4 man squads better as in someone can play a roll of each class if they wanted and it’s even amount of squads on teams just makes more sense

    2. @Jyotiraditya Satpathy I’ve noticed that the assault class, while having a lot of explosives, is not being used as much. You can go support and take a full health tiger 1 out with 2 mines and your pistol. A lot of people have switched to medic and support just because of the necessity of ammo and health. Support also has the best guns in the game. If any class is considered overpowered it would be support. Recon is underpowered because of this, an mg42 will destroy a recon as soon as they get closer than 200 meters l. Then someone will say, “well they are snipers” aggressive sniping is fun and very effective when used properly. A class shouldnt be able to punish everybody within 2 objectives. Dice has forced class choices instead of choosing to balance them out properly.

    3. @MythicSwelly 27 yeah unfortunately i was on ps3 i played it on ps4 last year though and it was fun.
      I played it with my friend and i used some of my toxic tricks from ps3 on him.

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