Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay + First Impressions

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Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay, details and reactions to the huge reveal. Lightsaber mechanics, force powers and more. Let's take a look with some first impressions! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. @jackson steele Agreed. Yes he’s on a travel mic which is obviously not as good as the one at home but he also sounds very tired. Hope he didn’t catch something while away, that always sux.

    1. I was disappointed. Ai looks stupid and theres no dismemberment. Looks like force unleashed 3. I’m guessing its gonna be short and linear with low replayability. I’m waiting for reviews.

    2. i’m sorry but i don’t feel any hype or wow moments coming from this. If reviews are good and it has enough content I might try it though.

  1. i really want a extreme violence star wars game… cutting people in half and blaster shots being able to take peoples hands off… stuff like that

  2. Familiar names on Kashyyyk? Seven (The Team Member we left behind on Kashyyyk in Republic Commando) comes to mind, which would fit in perfectly timewise 🙂

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