EXPANDIG THE EMPIRE – Anno 1800 | Multiplayer Gameplay

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More Anno 1800 gameplay:
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Anno 1800 sees daylight 20 years after the first edition of the Anno series, continuing the trend of having 9 as the sum of the numerals in each of the series’ titles – 1602, 1503, 1701, 1404, 2070, 2205.
Key features
• Become the mayor of a bustling 19th century city, standing on the threshold of a great industrial revolution
• Challenge your economic talents by taking care of the industry and its workers
• Check out how far you can go by using diplomacy to achieve your goals
• Enjoy the compelling gameplay, which has engaged a wide group of fans around the world for 20 years
• Challenge other players in various online scenarios or play a well-designed solo campaign
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