TURKEY FARMING FOR PROFIT! – Surviving Mars Green Planet THE LAST ARK EP 6 – Gameplay Tips & Tricks!


Terraforming Mars with the Green Planet DLC – Project Laika DLC and the Armstrong Update.


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  1. I’ve been watching for some years now and just thought I’d say hi. Love the content Skye, keep up the good work. Also when it says meteor shower coming in around 14:00 it means there will be a meteor shower in a few sols, not that there is a meteor storm ongoing, the message gives a waring of a upcoming meteor storm.

  2. Sorry made that comment about routes part way through viewing. Deleted it when I saw you use them but you’d already replied 😂😂

  3. Pfft that tech you got was another lucky roll, not complaining or anything, just stunned at the luck you have in this game in general it seems to never end.

    I wonder if the trading is going to pick up though, i also have never seen machine parts or electronics via the trade pad, regardless of what rival colonies i had with me on mars.

  4. I was using cow farms and supposedly producing 450 food but when it harvests you only get 300 (the max storage) so you lose 150 food, hence I had starving colonists, so if you have outdoor ranches fully manned, use Ostriches.

  5. Turkey Farming reminds me of my Chicken Dating Business that went Bankrupt. It was going so well but now I’m ruined and can no longer make hens meet.

    1. @Karagianis I’d say that the point of fungal farms is they output food continuously, if you need food RIGHT NOW they’re an option

    2. @Karagianis they were pointless before and now they’re completely useless. And if you make a single outside farm, all food problems are solved, they should be nerfed

  6. skye I would like to say that I am new in the game I saw your of mods video and I was downloading the mods from silver but I did not find the mod that makes the others work. you can help ??

  7. Hey Skye enjoying seeing you deal with a hard challenge. You’ve got plenty of concrete on the map, you can trade it for polys 50:20 reliably or for food, freeing up your guys to work in the parts factory. I had one play through where I sold concrete for food, then bought concrete for food from another guy cheaper. Setup 2 trade pads and ended up with about 5k at one stage. Might be worth a try. Keep up the good work. I loved the Japan play through.

    1. @Ásragin Kyron I think he already has the no-power scanning towers upgrade, so they don’t need any power – same now as the drone hubs, you can put them anywhere now.

  8. Your towers don’t work at night as solar powered. You really need to go to Specsavers Skye. Also power unit is outside hub range. The symbol is clearly visible hence Specsavers lol

    1. He has the autonomous upgrade (research tech) for his sensor towers. That means they do not need power nor maintenance to work anymore, so I think they should be working at night since the shift is on. The solar panels that are by 2 of them are old, he used them for power before he got the new tech.

      And yes, Skye the bonehead didn’t see the symbol for ‘outside drone range’, gotta love him!

  9. I was wondering how long it’d be before you realized that last wind turbine is out of drone range. 11 minutes it turns out 🙂

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