HOW TO INCREASE COMFORT! – Surviving Mars Green Planet THE LAST ARK EP 7 – Gameplay Tips & Tricks!


Terraforming Mars with the Green Planet DLC – Project Laika DLC and the Armstrong Update.


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  1. Skye your farm has a water shortage. Soy would increase soil quality also.

    Could do the medical spire and upgrades to increase birth rate. 😉

  2. If u read info on screen you rare metals are still onboard the ship. It does say you just don’t see. I’ll make u appointment at Specsavers for u. App on Friday 14 June local store

  3. did you know your transport can unload rockets? It can’t load stuff onto them but it can really speed up getting a large supply of resources off one.

  4. Skye, you can get the farm soil quality up, just plant soy, soil quality goes up 10% per harvest. Cover crops get soil quality up faster, but it’s not the only way to do it. Also before you build a school, a university would probably be better for you right now. You can’t bring in more specialists from earth so you could really do with getting the martian born trained to do their jobs properly before the founders all retire.

  5. As long as a vehicle is stopped and not under AI control it does not matter where it is as soon as rocket is ready vehicle teleports to rocket.

    1. In GP or something they made it research something (whatever takes the lowest amount) in the background, so you don’t lose res points.

  6. today passed this mission, I had 4 ordinary domes,, and 2 small electronics factories, 1 small parts factory, polymer factory, 1 university, 1 school and a lot of emphasis on medical
    2 medical centers, 2 hospitals – work hard
    gathered 200 colonists on 114 sol
    advice, do the medical staff as quickly as possible so that the birth rate is faster + work hard
    trade concrete and metals for food and polymers
    build sensor towers 1 in the center and 8 cells around

  7. 16:07 Am I the only one that looks at the shuttle and sees a shark or orca when looking at it from the perspective of the white sidet being on the bottom?

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