CUNNING PLANS! – Surviving Mars Green Planet THE LAST ARK EP 8 – Gameplay Tips & Tricks!

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Terraforming Mars with the Green Planet DLC – Project Laika DLC and the Armstrong Update.


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  1. I may be wrong but you do not have to unload things off the transporter. The drones take what they need from the transporter. That should make it more easy to build the sensor towers far away.

  2. Doesn’t shift-queuing work for the transport or do you have some reason to always manually go one by one giving it pickup orders?
    Oh, and how much do you guys wanna bet he fails the 10 founders comfort mission because he forgets his dome settings and his old founders are pushed to the less comfortable second dome.

  3. Hey Skye – you don’t need to unload the RC Transport so the RC Commander can build the Sensor Towers. The drones can take the materials from the Transport directly.

  4. Need to get Metals and Rare Metals extractors going to build metal stores and also to get some money coming in. You are below the 100 electronics you need to do that mission so you need to send a rocket (hopefully filled with rare metals to maximize sending it) to buy electronics.

  5. Some tips:
    You can use the RC Transport on rockets…
    You dont have to unload the transport. The drones will get them off the back directly.

    Come on Skye. Wake up! :p

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