Weiss VS Mitsuru (RWBY VS Persona) | DEATH BATTLE!


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  1. What did you think of the episode? Are there any other Persona and RWBY characters you would like to see in future Death Battle match-ups?

    1. @Jake Soda that would be X-Men mutants vs a bunch of trained kids, one has superior abilities and probably stats and the other has training and tactics

    2. Nora was one that I thought should have fought Amy instead of romona because they have a lot in common (though I’m pretty sure it would be pretty weird to animate that)

  2. A few things i wanna say:
    – Animation looks great!
    – Animator needs a raise
    – i want Boomstick’s Explosive chart on a shirt!
    – i miss hearing ‘FIGHT’ before a death battle😢

    1. Logan Faye Um….they are made from people at Rooster Teeth. ScrewAttack and thus by proxy, Death Battle, are sub brands of Rooster Teeth.

      They even advertise for RTX which is a Rooster Teeth convention…

    1. I mean, assuming that death battle is still kinda with rooster teeth, rooster teeth literally created Weiss, showing that their animation capabilities are really good. They just put mitsuru in the same art style. Not to say that it isn’t good, more like it was expected

  3. Friend: Did you watch the Mitsuru vs Weiss death battle?

    Me: No.

    Friend: Neither did I. But I know that Mitsuru won.

    Me: How do you know?

    Friend: I took a look at the likes.

    Me: Ahhh.

    1. I like Mitsuru more, but yeah, that time dilation should be a trump card. Unless Mitsuru could stop her from using it. But then again, the other one gas the two symbols that paralyze and repel.

    1. @Katsudon Silver I think comments are still useful though, at the very least a fan reading the comments might see someone suggest a fight they’d never thought of, so you could potentially get even more form submissions by leaving a comment.

    2. @Aye Jaye You need to, it’s only the greatest game of all time. But there are no other sources, only cut scenes, some of which were hand drawn animated in the DS version.

    3. A pretty cool matchup, though it’s more likely to see Crono fight Cress Alvein from Tales of Phantasia since they are not only both excellent swordsmen, but also time travelers. Either way, I’d love to see these three be fighters in a death battle eventually.

  4. I already knew Weiss is no match for Mitsuru, but wanted her to win, so I majust play my Blazblue Cross Tag and let her win over and over there.

    1. @lordtouchme oh what’s that? the reaper? it’s such a shame I have full sp and Helel and Satan in my stock.
      or it’s p3p and I ground out 99 malachite

    2. Yeah, Megidolaon is freaking amazing and using it on boss shadows is a wonderful time. After all, it is classified as “Almighty damage” instead of a regular element, which no enemy in Persona is resistant to, drains for health, reflects, or completely nullifies it.

    1. Kassiani Kaslana hmmm welp it sounds a lot like her I give them that. if it is a different VA maybe Tara was busy ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but idk I don’t see any voice actor credits anywhere so it still might be her.

    2. Ashe323D I just realized…Tara Platt is the original voice of Mitsuru. But she voiced Kali Belladonna. Couldn’t RT also get her to reprise the role for this fight?

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