5 Best Games We PLAYED At E3 2019


We've gotten our hands on tons of games at E3 2019. Here are the best games we played.
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  1. These are the best games we got our hands on to play. Unfortunately with stuff like Cyberpunk and Avengers we were not able to touch the controller.

    1. To the people who are complaining about being in lines for 3 hours if that’s all you think goes on at e3 and if all you wanna do is try the new games you clearly have no social skills 😉

    2. Pay a lot of money to wait in line 3 hours minimum per game just to play a couple of games available to the general public that you aren’t interested in anyway… yeah E3 sure sounds like a great fucking time.

    1. @Tyler Mcgrew How do you know they are not paid? Even Twitch streamer are paid to play nowadays, you think a Gaming youtube channel with millions are subscribers is not paid??
      I may have trust issues, but you look like a gullible fool who will believe anything.

    2. @craze chill Calm down guy. They are not paid to play these games or paid to say anything good about them. lol Someone has trust issues . Daddy leave you?

    1. @MattOmniHeart I’m a PS4 player. It sucks that there is exclusives, when they are good. What pissed me off the most about exclusive rights was when I was a teenager and COD gave Xbox 360 1 month of availability before PS3. I understand the annoyance.

    2. @Rikukey2 I’m a bit pissy that’s it’s only a Ps4 console exclusive. I hate third-party exclusives, they ruin the industry and it sucks even worse after they moved ff 7/9/10/12/ to all consoles earlier this year.

    1. @Amari Thompson are you seriously saying there’s no difference between doom 2016 and the coming doom eternal? *laughs in arm blade, grenade/flame launcher, dash, meat-hook,world design* good joke

  2. The exploration of star wars reminds me of Tomb raider, god of War, uncharted…. I think everyone’s used to the wall climbing/traversing by now lol

  3. When you started explaining Star Wars, it sounded really like “Ratchet and Clank” with the vendors at landing pads and the starmap and stuff like that.

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