90+ COMFORT! – Surviving Mars Green Planet THE LAST ARK EP 9 – Gameplay Tips & Tricks!

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Terraforming Mars with the Green Planet DLC – Project Laika DLC and the Armstrong Update.


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  1. you should get the upgrade of martiarnorn adaptability for university before building it. it makes them graduate from 15 days to half of that.

  2. If you use the single smart home instead of the complex you can fit three in and have a space for a passageway between domes without having to waist a spot.

  3. Researching things like General Training and Martian Steel but ignoring the Medical Centre spire and Holographic Scanning on a timed challenge all about birth rates?!


  4. The arcology spire could be good to get unlocked because then you can get more people living in the high comfort domes which means more breeding 🙂 Also maybe enough people to run all the jobs in there.

  5. Yey, watching it now :).

    What’s up with the crap quality though? Only 360p?

    Ok episode… A bit messy, but hey… I know which channel I’m on, so gg 😉

  6. Change to soy to boost food and improve soil. Then u will get food for trade. Research uni so u can train and really boost productivity. You need botanists for food

  7. If you do another transport fever series you should make full of islands each with one thing like city or factory. So you have to use boats planes and short truck routes. No rush skye. You are doing great.

  8. Skye, Cho made a mod for you. It allows you to see what metals and polymers are in an area at a glance without having to mouse over each sector. Would probably come in handy.

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