All Map Details & Gameplay – Operation Underground, Marita, Al Sundan

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    1. @Tauntaun Guts I don’t mind grenades in BFV at all. I absolutely fucking hate smokes thougs, and with no way to counter it in this game, I think they will be stupidly annoying in underground.

  1. When will the day comes when ea just gives dice all the time and resources they need to develop a battlefield game, not having it rushed. 🙏

  2. @LevelCapGaming, can you do an updated video on the better weapons (and specializations) for each class? I’ve never been so confused as to which gun to use.

  3. Bring on the new Metro! Can’t wait, definitely my favourite maps of B3 and BF4. Looking forward to see how BF5 spices things up with it.

  4. Level bro – can u do more graphics and discussions on map flow for current bf5 maps like u did here? I get frontlines but conquest seems harder to predict flow

  5. Yo LC I’ve been watching you since BF5 was rumored and I used to back in the COD days but just wanted to say thanks for always keeping it short and sweet by detailed my dude!

    1. @Jason Carlton yeah dude, how many shitheads are going to keep complaining about that? On some maps like Panzerstorm, the soldiers look like white ghosts for chrissakes.

    1. Au Nick lets just be careful not to give them the wrong idea of copying every map from single player. And it’s fine I don’t have much problems with it

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