Cyberpunk 2077: New Things You NEED TO KNOW


Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is finally coming, and we’ve got new information on it straight from seeing it at E3 2019.
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    1. Friend of mine is wondering if you can get the female version of the statue in the Collector’s Edition, any insider info on that? He likes playing female characters.

    1. Well, CDPR also demands a lot from their Devs and owns that philosophy too. I think they get a pass because people enjoy the outcome of their work.

    2. @Pedro J CDPR has released one good and one decent game in the last 10 years, in no way that means that every subsequent their game is going to be a masterpiece.

    1. @Joe Kerr Don’t get me wrong i strongly believe the game would be amazing but i also believe that it won’t live up to the hype it has right now . like i said it too good to be true ( i really hope it live to the hype ) , but hey the made my fav game of all time THE WITCHER 3 and it was a mind blown of a game . that’s why CDPR have my trust .

  1. I’ve prob seen and know everything there is needed to know about cyberpunk but I’m so hungry for more videos about cyberpunk I don’t care anymore

    1. @Druid lol totally dude I’m the same way. Always a car that pulls in front of you at a light but if you do actually make it through it’s so satisfying and the music keeps me pumped 🙂

  2. THAT’S IT!!! I have never pre ordered ANYTHING… I am going over to CD Projekt RED’s site and pre ordering this right now. Saving up all my vacation days for April too.

    1. Yes he got a free copy but didnt accept the offer but instead asked them to donate a go kart to a childrens hospital which they gladly accepted

    1. We were all waiting for a release date. And when we got it, it actually feels worse lol

      I mean, it’s good to know, but it’s 10 months

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