Forza Horizon 4 – LEGO Expansion FULL Gameplay! 4K (My Thoughts & Play Through)


This is a full rundown of FULL gameplay for the new Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Expansion captured from E3! Hope you guys enjoy!

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    1. @Yohoat Yeah there are many benefits to the expansion. I can totally understand why they have done this. There are great commercial reasons. (And it looks like something similar will happen with FH5. two expansions the second one being extreme fantasy.)
      But in product development you often have a choice. You can either focus on pleasing a small audience an making them love the product. Or you can broaden the products appeal be making it less focused. So it is liked by all. But loved by none.
      I can only speak for myself. I don’t think this expansion does lego OR forza horizon justice TBH. I’ll maybe give it a go (just in case i’m wrong) but from what ive seen on a live stream it just seems a bit broken. To do a lego game it really needs to be a stand alone product with proper development time dedicated to it.

    2. @Jonathan Bowen have you ever considered that maybe making DLC with wider appeal can actually bring in newcomers and expand the playerbase? If you think this is a casual expansion, isn’t that a good thing for newcomers?

    3. @Jonathan Bowen Well, sure it’s not what you wanted, but you have got to know to that this is what its own game devs wanted to put it. Like I don’t like that the Minions movie got made but I respect the efforts of the team creating the damn move and I don’t have to pay for it, just like this DLC. There are some people will be curious to try it on including me.

      Also this is a dev’s update, not a *_community_* update and for car sounds I believe that manufacturers should have given *Gay*ground games (lol, Pride day) the proper sounds to showcase what their models/machines can do/did improve. I’d say be a little bit more patient because I think they would do that right away after creating this expansion yeah it is surely planned like TC2 planned PVP on December which was stupid but at least this shows that the FH4 devs care about the game like having its own child also remember think lf it like it’s their own child and they are the ones who choose which shirt/pants for them to show how they grow up, you’re just a consumer and it’s okay for you judge/criticize their choices of clothing but just a little more respectful would be nice. Then again just because FH4 doesn’t have improve car sounds doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world 😉

    1. Sub 2 pewdie dumbass that’s not a wooosh
      You made it sound like you were actually wishing there was something like that and not sarcasm

  1. “why not just make a Lego car game”
    Boy they already have, much of the Lego community has begged for a new one for years
    1999: Lego Racers
    2001: Lego Racers 2
    Both are must plays.

    1. Just a thought but what if this is a way for PG and Lego to test the waters, before they decide on doing a full game? It might be a stretch but it’s not out of reach.

  2. Lego DLC what’s that
    Microsoft: do you Want
    Me: no thanks
    Microsoft : realy it’s not expensive
    Me: how much
    Microsoft : 50 dollar
    Me : left the party

  3. Lol… forza waste my time. players wants a new car sounds
    Playground games: no, lego.
    the underground 2 map better than forza horizon 4 maps… lol

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