GODS & MONSTERS Trailer (E3 2019)

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GODS & MONSTERS Trailer (E3 2019)
© 2019 – Ubisoft

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  1. It’s like if Breath of the Wild had had its soul sucked out and the empty space was filled with suit-encrusted corporate creme, making for a tasty looking though vile tasting eclair of evil. The design is pure plagiarism rather than having an identity of its own. And worse, it’s plagiarising Assassin’s Creed as well as one of Nintendo’s finest.

    I feel Ubisoft’s focus on Greece just shows how tired they are, they can’t even make that Beyond Good & Evil 2 sequel. Their creativity died a long time ago, they’ve just been making the same game over and over with a different skin and minor gameplay alterations.

    Plus, Greece is just so played out. I mean, good grief. It was before Ubisoft became obsessed with it. Why not give a region that’s never been focused upon in a mainstream game a chance? How about something revolving around the Celtic druids and warrior heroes of Albion (there’s lots of fun to be had there between the wise and kindly dragon god Dewi, the wolves of Ossory, and so on).

    Normally I enjoy games with this kind of aesthetic but… I was just left feeling cold here.

  2. if a god needed help then he’s not a god
    and there cant more than 1 god
    as if they wanted to create something and the other refused wtf would happen??
    the meaning of god is something powerful above all things and unlike anything we know
    rules don’t apply to him he needs nothing from anyone and he has everything that everyone wants

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