Halo Infinite: 10 NEW Things You NEED TO KNOW


We've finally gotten another glimpse of Halo Infinite (Xbox One, PC, Scarlett). Let's dive deep into the trailer and speculate.
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    1. Also this reply section is… pathetic. I loved all the Halo games up to this point. Halo was a bit disappointing, but still ambitious. I have faith in 343i and looks like INFINITE might become an amazing game.

    2. @Bad Boys Hub You lost the argument when you said LEGO suit lol. This suit looks awesome. Also it’s really important story wise their relationship, and showing it it’s cool and not gross

  1. That’s how Master Chief finds stuff to do he just jumps into space and waits for someone to find him or he likes hide and seek a little to much

    1. @Peachey Its all a mindset you can do it don’t sell yourself short! Then again you asked for it now give me 170 u maggot lmao

    1. They better make a cameo with the Arbiter and the Swords of Sanghelios fighting alongside the UNSC, and it wld be the best sh*t if they played the nostalgia car, yet again.

    1. Looks clean and there’s still over a year left for both the development of Halo and the new Xbox. And Halo has always been faithful to what they show in cutscenes to what we get in the final game.

    1. I probably put 300 hours into the campaigns of Halos Combat Evolved—Reach, but I never even bothered to beat Halo 5. It was just so incredibly bad that I lost interest.

    1. It will most likely just tie in with what we saw in the last trailer. The marines and chief were on Zeta calling for help. Inside the pelican on that trailer was I think two months after halo 5 ended. Then between then and these dates some events took place to get them where they are now.

    1. sweeg yolo ^^^ Bingo, those were pre rendered. Pre render is rendering something off of the original hardware itself, the opening scene is supposed to be all in engine in game. Obviously you get some leeway when your stuck inside a small plane but that doesn’t undercut how good looking the engine is. Plus it’s 60fps, like swear just because it’s MS doesn’t mean you can’t be impressed lol. That’s not against the law… well as long as your a fanboy I’m guessing it is.

    1. Pretty much ALL Spartans are biological augments, with enhanced bones, reflexes, nerves. Some tech wired in here and there (like the AI port on the neck)

    1. @Spartan Dusk I have and I do know what you mean. The armour definitely taken a couple of features from legends and FUD, but to me it looks like all the armours played a part. Halo 4/5 body proportions, Halo CE colouring and some helmet inspiration from 2/3 along with multiple others.

  2. Here’s a detail that doesn’t mean anything game-wise, but was a great inclusion.

    The pilot had to really struggle to open the one half of the cockpit door, while Chief nudged the other half aside like it was on wheels. A subtle note to the difference in strength.

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