Hearthstone’s Best Content Yet! The Great Dalaran Heist

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  1. Also been playing since the Beta, and I feel like the game is currently in a better state – overall – than It’s ever been.

    Not sure why you’re getting so much hate on this video.

  2. Ive played since Old Gods and Im enjoying it a lot right now. The adventure is great, but also ladder is quite balanced and Im getting to rank 5 every month without getting frustrated/burned out

    1. I had 20.000 dust the last time cards rotated out of the game. And never spend a penny. And I’m not even playing intensely, just for fun and chill

    2. TheMysterlool yeah I’ve gotten to rank 5 but to enjoy the game and use a wide variety of decks is hard when you can only afford 1 pack every 2 days. Also the packs u get are always trash

    3. You can say whatever you want.. even when you don’t spend a cent into the game, you can reach Legend. Got friend who reached it without buying anything.

  3. Game that’s not battlefield? Got to be a sponsor… Wouldn’t be surprised if I saw heartstone on jack’s channel in a few hours.

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