1. @Ricardo SV I Told you about child stabbing cause the game will make you do it. You enter a house and things turn extremely detail. You play as a girl and I think special OP. This is no battleground fps game.

    2. @Blue Jay Aves
      I mean those are the difficult choices in the game, if I had to choose I wouldn’t do that just like the ‘No Russian’ mission in MW2 they gave you a choice, developers never obligated you to shoot. If someone finds it satisfying well now that’s a problem.

    3. @Ricardo SV I don’t play these games at all I just wanted to let you know the research. You have a cold heart if you act out in game stabbing someone in the most visualize horrific way. The world is already horrific and to crave for this suspense is ridiculous. Real Solider come back from war mentally injured. It’s why the dev made the game so you act out and watch these horrific moments.

    4. @Blue Jay Aves
      Ok, like I said maybe you’re right but not everyone reacts the same way, especially when something isn’t real. Have you seen the series and movies out there (Tarantino movies, Game of Thrones, Saw, A Serbian Film, etc) I think they’re worse and obviously look more realistic than a videogame because they’re are performed by real actors. I recommend you to avoid anything related to this game if it makes you feel uncomfortable, if you really don’t like it stop searching for more information, watching videos and don’t buy it.

    1. Xavier Medina I believe a sequel isn’t nessicarily fucking repeating the same thing over and over again.
      New game sequels are supposed to improve and innovate instead of reusing the same assets and systems of the previous games.
      For example; Half life 1 was revolutionary in AI and Interativity in the environment, and then Half Life 2 innovated in Prop Movement and Puzzle Solving.

    2. @Pufferfyshh i think spoiled gamers are just forgetting what a sequel is. its the same game mechanics with new or familiar characters with a new story.

    1. @Salamander Fry I never really played wildlands and I’ll probably pick it up if it’s on sale, but this is far from what I was hoping it would be. However, I do think it will provide hours of entertainment and should be lots of fun

    1. It’s changed. Take it or leave it. Frankly, there isn’t any other game out there like Wildlands/Breakpoint. A map this vast with each member of a 4 man team able to be in a different corner of the world without being forced back together is amazing.

    2. @Andree Tungcab Wildlands was completely doable with stealth, so i dont understand your point, since Breakpoint has the same mechanics

    1. Played the closed alpha when they had it, looking forward to everything BUT the driving. It does feel different from wildlands, but not any better.

    1. EternalEnigma just bc the graphics aren’t photo realistic doesn’t mean the game sucks. It’s a tactical shooter. That’s why people play it. Bc that’s what they want. Just bc you have unrealistic standards for games doesn’t mean people can’t enjoy the game or promote a game they enjoy. That’s just stupid to say they shouldn’t do that. Also it’s a CINEMATIC TRAILER. I’d say the game looks almost identical to the trailer anyways. Stop trying to hate on a game just bc it’s not what you want. Just don’t play it. Nobody cares if you think it’s stupid. It’s called preference genius

    2. Or maybe I’m giving my opinion from my perspective. Crazy right? I’m saying that these games always have trailers that never truly represent the game and if youtubers promote it then it encourages other developers to do the same. I’m sorry I have high standards for games that I want to enjoy.

    3. EternalEnigma or maybe they just enjoy the game considering he’s actually played it. Believe it or not but some people have their own opinions 🤭. Crazy right

    1. @False Blackbear Ya. I don’t like it either. It still looks like a really fun game but it’s straying away from being a ghost recon game

    2. @Dylan the Villain yeah, but that’s a big problem. Especially depending on what the stats are. The same gun should deal the same damage, should have the same penetration, should have the same range. The only difference is the optics that should change the accuracy of the gun. And by doing that, the focus is no longer on dealing with enemies, it’s on chasing the best loot, which no longer makes it a ghost recon game.

    3. @False Blackbear Pretty much you can find different versions of the same gun. So a common AK-47 is gonna have worse stats than a rare AK-47. Idk how much different the stats will be but you’ll have higher quality versions

  1. “ammunition is very limited”

    Proceeds to miss about 3 shots lol

    I’m aware he is not accustomed to using a controller just a funny detail

    1. Mouse and Keyboard is a mile better than Controller, the only time I use my controller on wildlands is when I am driving or flying.

      this coming from a man who has been playing console for the past 20ish years.

    1. The gunplay looks ripped straight out of Wildlands – predicting they’ve learned nothing other than they can put out games that look great but are constantly undermined by their sloppy coding under the hood. This is another Ubisoft classic I bet. Just wait until they riddle this with monetized bullshit and stripped content.

  2. Why does this feel so different from their recent trailer? Oh ubisoft… messing with my emotions. This doesn’t feel as realistic it just feels like an updated wildlands.

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