Marvel’s Avengers 2020: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW


Marvel's Avengers (PC, PS4, Xbox One) has been revealed at E3 2019. We didn't get everything we wanted, but we have new information for you.
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    1. Border Gore
      Obviously does it really have to matter? They’ll polish the game so it can look better plus you can customise the characters’ suits so stop whining.

    2. TheDCLogical :. Yet they have no intention of doing so. They are keeping the character designs, so I’m still criticizing them. Unless they pull a sonic level 360 I have no faith in them.

    1. @John Man They are dumber than i thought. The millions at home bashing the game and and they are a few hundred will appease the masses based on what they saw?

    2. its games like destiny and COD that have tried to make this game basically, but crytsal is gonna change gaming. more studios will start switching to these types of games
      looter shooters are a cancer to gaming

    1. Every company i trusted once . EA ubisoft bethasda rockstar ….
      But now i trust nobody anymore and i never pre order also.
      Only 1 company i trust these days and that is naughty dog

    1. Yeah I thought it looked like taskmaster.

      Too bad he isnt just on the ground fighting. He’d beat all their asses in hand to hand normal human combat.

    1. @Norbert Klar i mean they’re not the best but that’s the least of concerns because you’ll be able to change how they look

    2. aliu saho Why take from the mcu at all then. This is going to be a shitty cash grab online game that will be ftp within one year

  1. If this game has singleplayer I hope its playable offline.. games these days say they have single player but you need to be connected online to play the game overall. Ubisoft games like devision and steep and for honor do this. As well as MK11 for most of its singleplayer content.

    Keep multiplayer with online and singleplayer with offline

    1. @Harry Moore i really hope theres more than just a linear story for solo play. I hope theres alot of depth to it. And replayability.

    2. There is a 1 player campaign which follows the story from the reveal and then separate cooperative missions, I got this info from the E3 collesium panel they explained the structure of the game.

    1. @goosebuffz They want the game to still be played and still get new content for 2 or 3 the DLC’s aren’t just cut content they’ll still be working on DLC after the game releases….

    2. @goosebuffzI guess content they’re working on a year after the games release it just cut content huh? Lol don’t buy the game…this is oddest take on free DLC’s I’ve ever seen

  2. How hard is it to just have an single-player narrative and an online multiplayer mode? Rockstar does it all the damn time and it works

    1. @Brian Wingel that would work you moron, you can’t create a character for GTA’s or rdr’s campaign, but you can for online, would it be so crazy to imagine that other games could do the same?

    2. Yep could be done but that’s if it has singleplayer story. I’m going to guess it’s a multiplayer game with no singleplayer. And that’s because of $$$

  3. Hey did you read the Game Informer article? They clarify the actual structure of the game. From what I understand the actual campaign will be single player with each level dictating what character you play as. The multiplayer seems like an additional entity. They stated that you can jump back and forth from the campaign and the coop mission. Also they said that 99% of the game will be functional as a single player game. Obviously there is way more but you should definitely check it out.

    1. Yea where modes is only access to multiplayer only, miss the days lioe star wars battlefront 2 where you have acces to all modes by yourself with a bit of effort you get ai fighting along with you, miss this days

    2. You don’t. They said you can play solo even in the none story narrative missions. But they just strongly suggest you play with your friends to “enhance” the experience.

  4. Do you recon it’ll be a big 12-15 hour single player campaign but with a whole destiny style open world looter on the side? Cos that’s the impression I got from the announcement

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