New Battlefield V mode is Interesting – Outpost + New Gun


Battlefield 5 Outpost is an interesting new game mode. Plus a look at the new gun, the MAB 38. A lovely SMG that can compete with the Suomi and Tommy! NEW T-shirt: Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. Near the end of the round when everyone has enough for a V1 rocket, you just see the kill feed blow up because of all the people flocking near the towers

  2. After DICE nerfed AA into the ground it feels like the radio tower calls in a v1 or bomber to instantly wipe half ur team out. constantly.

    1. @Wright Wright well i would say those modes were fun because people like close quater combat with chaos happening everywhere around them. But think of like playing rush on damavand peak in bf3. That was a well thought out map where any class could be effective and really contribute to the game, and was just really fun to push or defend with your team. Especially jumping off the base. Bf5 just dosent have that same rush. I think bf3 was in development for like 5 years. So if dice had more time, they could really put more thought into it and make it a better experience. I do hope they expand on the game mode tho. Cool concept.

    2. The gamemode is interesting, but as levelcap said it is poorly implemented. Get one good pilot or tanker on the enemy team and they can literally make the gamemode unplayable.

  3. Gotta say, youre one of my fav youtubers now. You consistently deliver good, seemingly unbiased content, calm way of talking and you’re a top notch player as well.

  4. Very interesting mode…it plays really well on Mercury👌 but on Arras feels pretty weird imo, especially without having an objective at the center, overall 7/10…Btw nice video Jack 👍

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