New MAB 38 SMG! + Outpost Worst Game Mode Ever? | Battlefield V


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  1. I actually enjoy this game mode but I think that it’s a bit too big on some maps. Mercury is fine but on Arras it’s too big. Getting to a point is a pain when there isn’t a spawn or vehicle nearby. And the MAB 38 is really good with that 30 round mag.

    1. Mo 02 straight up. I liked it more than conquest. I’ve been saying points in conquest need to have more or less value based on how long they’ve been held for a while now. Fortress also makes the planes feel a lot more useful. I hope they do something with this game mode or even slightly change conquest to support this type of balanced action. However, first thing they need to fix is the team autobalancing. It’s non existent and one team will win over and over again in a lobby as the squads aren’t switched in between rounds. Which is IMO the biggest problem with bf right now

  2. People just running around and not playing the objective. Fortunately that doesn’t happen anywhere else in BF so it must be the game mode.

  3. That first clip is a perfect example as to why planes shouldn’t be in modes that force players to cluster together. Utterly game-breaking.

    1. I think it’s a great reason to have bombers on game modes like this. It forces players to think tactically and not just zerg around the map.

      Part of the issue with Outpost is that feedback is coming from the first day or so of the mode, when players haven’t learned that while zerging can work, it leaves you vulnerable to arty, v1s and bombers.

      That kind of tactical trade of is a good thing.

    2. @Raspberry Poutine The times I’ve seen a large amount of friendlies clustered around a capture point that would a V1 hard is waaaay to much. It happens. Maybe not in every game but I see it.

    1. Mister onsépatro tbf it is quite broken how in a bomber I can pick up 6 kills each time I fly over an objective. In a bomber it is so fucking easy to get top of the leaderboard.

    2. Yes, those OP planes I hate them. You can’t fly for 1 sec to get shot by pro’s. In BF1 flying was fun. In this game it’s no fun.

  4. I hope they add the Italians into the game after the pacific theater. Sicily and southern Italy would be a lot of fun to mess about in.

    1. U R 01000111 01100001 01111001 if your talking about the chapter 4 trailer I didn’t see any mention of Italy forces being added or it being confirmed at all

  5. I just wish they would retool Grand Operations and then add meaningful intro/outros along with the awesome charge yells by the attackers like in BF1. Made it so damn immersive!

    1. It is competitive already if you use it right. Dunno why LVL decided to go left branch cuz its not a hipfire weapon, suomi and thompson outgun it in CQ no problem. Upgrade right branch for accuracy/faster velocity and it’s gonna be very effective ADS 10-40m distance SMG. Dropping 2 people with 20 round mag easy due to very controllable recoil. Just played 3 hours with it and if they gave it bigger mag it would be OP.

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