PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 308


A collection of our best highlights in PUBG!

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Clip 2: 4AMXuanzzzzzz

Clip 3: KittyKosmos

Clip 4: Fwuzz

Clip 5: DazedGiraffe

Clip 6: rhesa22

Clip 7: Flinty55

Clip 8: MoonGaming

Clip 9: Prof Chesser

Clip 10: KingRobbyBoyTV

Clip 11: Hakai_gr

Clip 12: legendary117s

Clip 13: Prof Chesser

Clip 14: KingRobbyBoyTV

Clip 15: OneEyedFox13

Clip 16: MoonGaming

Clip 17: legendary117s

Clip 18: HoodieRic

Clip 19: retaliative

Clip 20: RA-PLAYER112

Clip 21: Archangel1839

Clip 22: retaliative

Clip 23: legendary117s

Clip 24: Kemico96

Clip 25: legendary117s

Clip 26: HoodieRic

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Editing by HoHoJoe

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  1. “How did I miss that?!” I question my self like that too when the enemy is already close to me and none of my bullets hit him

  2. Great clips! Wish more people would work on noise pollution; when the clicking and clacking starts drowning out all the other audio, it ruins the overall quality.

    1. Shuiya first, im not a Chinese. Second, as you can see, there’s only a few Chinese commenting on YouTube, and every Chinese i’ve seen on youtube said they’re using VPN

    2. @viethuong vothai OK, so why chineese play with VPN for join serverppp EU?
      and why ladder board EU empty to professional gamer EU?
      Beacause for chineese it’s more easy in EU server and for good lagging so a gamer EU don’t dissociate lag to cheat.
      PS: stop searching excuse for chineese guy because 0,5% don’t cheating, my report cheating is 90% chineese in my squad(so I am die for report) for 10% to gamer EU, and is so pathetic to using VPN in game because chineese gamer have 3 SERVER Pubg for play without big waiting time. Prove me Asian country not cheater and Stop Coming IN SERVER EU

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