PUBG MOBILE – Team Deathmatch Trailer

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The Ultimate 4v4 #TeamDeathmatch Mode has come to PUBG MOBILE! Square off in the Warehouse as a member of #TeamGodzilla or #TeamGhidorah, and engage in fast and furious action to be the first team to 40 kills. Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious? Play now!

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  1. Thank you guys for resetting my controls for fpp this just shows how bias you guys are on tpp. THANK YOU for not fixing the bugs, everytime I walk on the edge of the small bridge on sanhok it sounded like I’m walking on water. I also love the bug when you kill someone on water the water kills them. Lastly THANK YOU for not loading sometimes when I’m entering a match. I’m absolutely profoundedly happy right now. Keep it up still here waiting for the companion update

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