Q&A: Weiss VS Mitsuru | DEATH BATTLE Cast #131


We address your questions about Weiss VS Mitsuru and talk about E3 2019!

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  1. 7:56-8:10 This question is funny. “First battle without blood” this person clearly hasn’t paid attention to any robot Death Battle. Furthermore, I can name many other Death Battles without blood: Wario vs Dedede, Kirby vs Majin Buu, Dr. Eggman vs Dr. Wily, Iron Man vs Lex Luthor, Shadow vs Vegeta, Goku vs Superman (both of them), Thanos vs Darkseid, and so on.

    1. @Paper Luigi not true, the almighty moves, like megidolaon dont bypass defence, they bypass elemental affinities, this means that an almighty attack cannot be nullified, absorbed, or resisted, it will still be affected by your natural defence like the aura

    2. Well Mitsuru used Megidolaon, an Almighty attack. In the Persona series, Almighty attacks cut through all manner of defense, so Weiss’s Aura wasn’t gonna save her. Even after she stabbed Mitsuru, she healed herself completely with Diarahan.

  2. as far as FPS that a brain can detect, as a note, people who are trained or are used to detecting those changes can very easily seen flashes of things in 500fps; the test was done with fighter pilots, and they could determine the model of plane they saw in that 1 in 500 frames, actually absolutely amazing.

    Now, in terms of what the average person will notice a difference in, a few hundred, 2 to 3, is probably the maximum. Beyond that, you probably won’t notice it going up or down until you reach the actual limits of human perception. Could you notice more with more frames? perhaps, but diminishing returns would probably limit the change.

  3. Weiss:”Just how strong are you?”
    Mitsuru:”…..Strong enough” *Pulls out Evoker”
    Weiss:” Oh Shi–”

    Best part of the battle

    1. CitanulsPumpkin I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but unless Saitama has shown universe+ level feats, he’s not even close to Goku. You might be able to make a case for Yamcha, but certainly not Krillin, who scales to 2nd form Cell who is far beyond what Saitama’s Serious Punch scales to

    2. The nerdist/because science channel has done about 8 videos detailing the physics behind One Punch Man. Saitama is stronger than all of Goku’s backup dancers put together. He’s probably 10 to 50 times stronger than Goku. There’s no way in hell Krillan survives one of Saitama’s hits.

      No matter what the willfully ignorant fanboys vote in the poll, this is an even worse one sided stomp than Krillan and the other two dingbats losing to the powerpuff girls.

    3. Queefyqueefster Mcqueef arguably he’s weaker than Tien, but that depends on how you want to scale them and if you think Tien counts as fully human

  4. Chad: Calmly explaining the LOTR timeline.


    Ben: “No, you’re confusing him” Goes on to break down the explanation even further.

    Torrian: Ooooh.

    1. @Starman Eli
      Nah, Banjo and Conker are pretty much the faces of Rareware collectathon platformers, so I thought it only make sense to pit them against each other.

  5. Come on now, GALACTUS VS UNICRON AND RED HOOD VS PUNISHER. It’s been 100+ Death Battle’s and we still haven’t gotten either fight yet.

    1. Galactus vs Unicron is/was the most requested battle after Thanos vs Darkseid. Winter Soldier vs Red Hood has also been requested a lot. It would make sense for them to do them eventually, whenever that may be.

      They did say that Galactus vs Unicron would probably come out as a season finale, but tl;dr it will come when it’ll come.
      Meanwhile I’m still waiting for Duke Nukem vs Serious Sam… another 100 episodes to go.

  6. Can we have a scene in the fight where Captain Falcon and Johnny both simultaneously do the nut and Falcon Punches at the same time?

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