WATCH DOGS 3 Gameplay Walkthrough (E3 2019) Watch Dogs Legion

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WATCH DOGS 3 Gameplay Walkthrough (E3 2019) Watch Dogs Legion Demo – PS4 / Xbox One / PC
© 2019 – Ubisoft

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  1. +Gun-fu.
    +you can play as anyone.
    +London can be refreshing location.
    +No laser bs weapons.
    -Characters may be boring or repetitive
    -Won’t it be too easy?

  2. i hope the old playable characters get a non-killable status by the npc´s, it would be shamefull to see an old person who barely moves been taken down.

  3. Really cool concept but when I seen the woman in the red helmet killing everyone I just thought I’d love for ubisoft to make a red hood game

    1. @alwaysalone soki kinda agree with u there watchdogs 2 is probably better it seems more chill and funny this is too much and political af

    2. @Frederik the Wolfman I mean does a goty nomination really determine if I personally think a game is good or not? I mean this is the 3rd game and it still visually looks like the first, i started odyessey and deleted it an hour in. Just let me have the opinion I’m entitled to, thanks

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