1. It’s funny that a game talks about crime and freedom but praises “equality” “power” and “groups” which means not freedom. Also crimes come from those “groups” immigrants or people using welfare for living that is sustained by taxes (steal).

    Real anarchists (hackers) don’t side with grous, don’t EVER look for power nor replace governments.

  2. It’s giving me the Homefront Revolution vibes which I’m kind of sceptical about. I hope it’s not constantly about the resistance and there’s actually more to do than just recruiting people or taking over checkpoints.

  3. Loved Watchdogs 1 & 2. The London setting will make a nice change and the idea of swapping to different people upon death is very cool. Promising!

  4. Looks good but it’s E3 demo don’t let them fool you agian like with the other 2 watch dogs games it’s going to be way different with the retail version

  5. Triste é que é Ubsofter então o gráfico deve cair muito qusndo for lançado, elas fazem isso com todos os jogos criam hyper daí na hora jogo tá uma merda n

  6. I like the one protagonist character 😩, hopefully there is more you can do in terms of just recruiting people. guess we’ll have to find out ps, “don’t down grade,don’t down grade,don’t down grade” 🤞🏻

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