1. @Mr Rainbow Ah yes true. I live in London and the buildings with the night time setting is a perfect match for a roadman chinging.

    1. @The_Drop Bear Obviously you’re too woefully ignorant to even read my replies with any sort of critical thinking thus you are a lost cause with the idea of thinking you know how foreign govt.’s work and apparently some sort of attorney for another nations rights. Lol please do us all a favor and sterilize yourself.

    1. Brandon Williams I just thought of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol when Ethan was in the hospital and the Russian agents try to get him haha

    1. @Camui Hideaki EU doesn’t offer freedom, it’s an oppressive regime that tries to force European countries into following their rules, laws, and regulations on certain issues that they shouldn’t have any business on telling other countries to do.

      An example is immigration. The EU tried to promote loose immigration laws and multiculturalism in European Nations. If a member state of the EU decides to go against what the EU dictates then they are penalized by the EU. The EU shouldn’t have any say or business in how a country carries out their immigration laws. If a European nations wants to have very strict immigration laws and discourage immigration from certain countries than that should entirely be their right and their sole decision, they shouldn’t be worried about getting punished by some council that sits in a city in a foreign country (Brussels). Being pressured into conforming to certain rules by politicians outside of your own country is oppression. A country should be solely in control of their own rule, laws, and regulations without foreign interference, that is freedom.

    2. @Camui Hideaki Freedom for Britain to make it’s own decisions. Not some bureaucrat in the EU.

  1. Im very exited for this game it looks very fun and i love the thing that you can be whoever you want to be im forsure gonna play as granny haha

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