1. I can’t shake off the feeling that i was still expecting more in terms of tactical gameplay ( or realism if u will) after seeing the original reveal. This seems to be just slight upgrade over Wildlands, which i found really tacky and shallow in gameplay. Still…its early to judge, want to see more as we get closer to release date.

    1. Yeah, the original reveal really got me excited for something more built around surviving in a hostile environment where you’re constantly being hunted and things can happen anywhere, not just at the icons on the map.

      But all the actual gameplay looks like Wildlands 1.5 which, while fun for a bit, got old very fast.

  2. Yeap most immersive survival focused game in the series. You must watch your every step manage your health…. or race of the cliff and survived.

    1. You dont have to unload 2 mags to kill someone. Maybe for one of the big drones but thats makes sense, since it is a armored vehicle.

  3. Borderlands 3! Outter worlds! Cyberpunk 2077! Here i come!

    Ubisoft all your games are trash … except the one’s that are 7-10 years old.

  4. Not much value in this video. Just Levelcap and friends messing around. I had hoped they would actually try to do some missions so we could see some actual gameplay. Most of what we see in this video we had already seen before from a different viewpoint. I thought they had gotten some good footage from their UBIsoft visit but they are already showing the blooper reels…

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