Lag and Frags | Battlefield V Stream Highlights


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    1. No one wants to play this shitty game. Same with BF1. When a BF of the calibre of BF4 comes out MAYBE we will see them again

    1. @Joey Farrell Doesn’t matter how much you play or what is your first BF Game. What matters is if you actually understand game mechanics or not and you base your opinion around expirience and research/knowledge. This game will not be equal to past games. Maybe the Infantry combat will be superior but the vehicle combat (currently) is the worst of the series with BF1 and Hardline. Vehicles are underpower, unfun, not versitile, dumbed down and non skillbased. The Dog Fight comunity is dead in this game same thing in BF1 because Plane balance sucks. BF is also Vehicles. If vehicles suck you take away an important piece of the comunity that actually makes Battlefield Battlefield (vehicle players. Probably the most important players for every match in BF Games)

  1. Nice gameplay… This is what the channel was missing some live commentary gameplay… With a bit of funny and sick moments.. Love it

  2. With this latest patch I finally started to get stutters even while using the standby list cleaner thing. My game literally unplayable now, now I know how people were feeling.

  3. They REALLY need to bring back that outfit from the thumbnail. My computer died during that chapter and i wasnt able to get it

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