Rarest Video Game Ever Sold For $100,000, SWITCH MINI Accessory LEAKS Design, & More


A shocking price for a rare Atari game, Batman Arkham speculation, an Alan Wake surprise, and more this week in gaming news.
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Super rare game

Leaked Switch Mini accessory?

Far From Home in Spider-Man PS4

More Arkham?

New Fortnite crossover

New looks at Netflix Witcher

Death Stranding PS1 graphics

On gamestop

Remedy Gets Alan Wake back

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    1. Watching: Stranger Things 3
      Playing: Apex Legends Season 2
      Always a great time watching these Friday news videos! Probably my favorite gameranx series as of now!

    1. because everyone wasted July 4th by not tuning into Donald Trump who is a complete idiot when he say’s one thing but it’s not what he menas

    1. @SpikeShroom lol that’s just the switch. They dock lol. I suppose you can argue that the GBA could’ve been bigger–which is what this might end up feeling like.

      Can you imagine Golden Sun on it?

    1. @SpikeShroom I can’t even go back to the 3ds anymore because it’s pretty bad. Especially for me because I have the original model.

    2. Idk i like the vita size, if they could make one only slightly bigger than the vita with slim bezels for less money i would want that.

    1. @Loadstar720 the switch has only been out for like 2 years. I’d be surprised if they released a console this soon because their is usually 6-7 year gap before new consoles are released

    2. Mr. Flash the switch is 75% the power of the xbox one, and as technology progresses I see no reason why a portable console can’t be stronger than the current PS4 and Xbox one. After all there is already technology available for Nintendo to viably mass produce portable ps4s already, albeit a bit pricy at the moment.

    3. Myself and so many others would be pissed if they came out with an upgraded version of the switch. It’s only been out 2 years .

  1. Forget the Destroy All Humans remake, gimme an Extra Terrestrials remake instead!

    Jk I’m super stoked for Destroy All Humans again

  2. I cherish my original copy of Final Fantasy Tactics for the OG PlayStation. It may not be rare, but I love it and it is mine! (along with with original jewel case and booklet it came in)

  3. My main collectible game is a Final Fantasy 7 with a misprinted label. Not counting the Lootcrate stuff or Funkos or anything like that.

    Also, use to have a 1:1 copy of Nero’s Red Queen.That was cool.

  4. Have a full set of legend of zelda games both opened (the ones i played) and sealed. It took literal years to find everything (im looking at you nes legend of zelda) but by far my favorite thing i own.

    1. There is literally no official news from nintendo about ANY NEW ITERATION for the switch. You are literally being fed fake news by reddit trolls.

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