1. @JohnMcCloud No, no you confused it bronze 3 is not the conqueror Rang and you are also a bot And loooooove Vectorrr bit ch
      Thats you (°•°) stpd as btch

    1. Killing the number 4 player is the best option since he has the slowest device loading into the game so logically he has less skill out of all of you

    1. @Med Help I just did something. i had an m24 and many bullets. so i didnt took awm but took its bullets and left awm away in the drop

    2. @ALEXッ he didn’t just take the awm. He took the awm and left the bullets.
      I think only evil people would do something like that.

    1. You really think that they know what you mean by bug? You should be more specific when it comes to bugs in game. Also banning hackers is not an easy task because they are hard to detect, easiest way to do it is to report the hacker.

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