A word from the CREATOR of COUNTER-STRIKE – ESL One Cologne 2019

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Counter-Strike turned 20 years old recently. We had the great pleasure to catch up with Minh Le about the game he created all those years back.

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  1. Thanks for the passion and effort for creating such a great game, must be a good feeling knowing you helped create a game so many people play all these years!

  2. i owe you !!! lot of fun with your game for almost 20 years !!! love u ! always thinking back to the good old lan times with cs 1.5 and 1.6 !!

  3. I have such a big gratitude for this MAN! Thank you and all developers of cs (not csgo). You make my live more happy and excited! Live long live and make cs better!

    1. GIờ mình mới biết ông này là 1 trong những người sáng lập ra game Counter Strike. Tự hào dữ dội. 😀

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