RUSH B! – ESL One Cologne 2019 Grand Final Team Comms Highlights

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A valiant effort from the Frenchmen of Vitality could not stop Team Liquids NAAAIIIIS GRAND FINAL!

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    1. That’s part of what makes them such a good team, they USUALLY don’t let negative emotions mess with their game, especially nitro, always smiling. The only person who seems like they have trouble keeping their emotions in check during the game sometimes is stewie.

    2. @Epoinen im sure especially at the beginning of mirage if you watched the game they started off 3-0 then went to i think 6 or 7-3

    1. some teams define strats by introducing them or executing them well or uniquely and that becomes the name of the strat or the call just like spots become defined by players (ex. NBK spot in cache). just like many teams do the immortal strat on mirage i believe.

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