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    1. we told dice we want less bugs more maps so now we are getting more bugs and more buggy maps, i’m sure i will not buy the next bugfield atleast not at full price since it will get discounted like right after launce like bugfield 5 lol

  1. See and here I am: been following you since 2013(?) but this franchise, ever since, taught me stuff about supply chain management, efficiency, effectiveness, macro and micro.

    Ever since I’ve been 6 years old (1998); my father, no matter when he’d be abroad or wherever, he’d come back and we’d build bullshit cities in Anno 1602 wherein the farms would be planted right downtown because I wanted it that way 😀

    Two decades later I can proudly see that this franchise really did help me with my MSc. IE. It did, and i plan on forwarding it to potential offsprings.

    Great game, great franchise, great YouTuber!

    1. @Koray Doğanay I just play matchups against bots. With a little team stack so I can sit back and bombard stuff with indirect. I make it challenging sometimes but mostly i just like to goof off and watch people and vehicles explode 😄

    1. @sjakkoo smit It’s a good game. It’s NOT very engaging. If you’re looking for a game to turn your brain off for a bit and relax, it’s the right thing. often 5 euro on sale so try it out. I put 60+ hrs into it already.

    2. @littlefrank90 it’s a boring game for a group activity unless it’s online shenanigans, but it’s a good game for just sitting back and removing competitive salt, or just driving a few hundred kilometers to relax after a hard day at work, getting bored and sleepy? park at the upcoming rest stop, save then sleep

  2. MMO’s and or Civilization V and VI are games I really enjoy outside of FPS’s. I’ve not tried any of the Anno games, but I’ve been following people who play for years.

  3. Nice to see someone mentioning this series which is seemingly very unpopular outside of germany even though I do not understand why. Really excellent games 🙂
    I would not be mad to see more Anno gameplay from you 😉

    1. @Henry Wyman Yes, I played Banished as well but you cant really compare banished and Anno as banished is an indie game and Anno a triple A title^^

    2. Well I know there is a game I think called “Banished” that is the same concept so maybe that’s why, idk. But this does look like a good relaxing game

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