Best Graphics Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 best graphics. Arguably, it's still the best looking game and packed full of detail. In 1st person it is very immersive but is there more room for depth here? NEW Easter Egg T-Shirt:
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  1. The visuals do most of the heavy lifting, but it’s the soundtrack and sound design that really drives the Star Wars atmosphere home

  2. You should definetly do Naboo Galactic Supremacy. The dusk mode setting really makes the blasters look that much more realistic and cinematic

  3. I play this game everyday. It’s so amazing. Of course it has it’s bugs etc. but the developer team does everything to make this game as epic as possible. And they are doing a fantastic job!

    1. lol ok its been out two years and when it was released they robbed and scammed and there was no content at all maps no skins(still arent) boring game mods glitches were constant(still are) the few skins they put out are inaccurate, combat system is awful glitchy spam encouraging sticky mess. if it wasnt star wars itd still be dead just how it was.

  4. Battlefront 2 plays best in new Capital Supremacy mode. Its conquest style open battle, no choke points, no starfighters, only 4 heroes per team. This game is so much fun right now.

    1. @The GreenieMan27 I play CS a lot more than I do ga and I’d consider myself pretty good and a try hard lol. I like the modes maps more because they feel more open if that makes any sense lol. Also because youre not staying in the confined in the same place. Did you calculate these statistics lol

    1. @ImperialSpence pop the vanguard ability with a grenade. That plus the aspect of surprise since they wouldn’t expect you to be that far up and they’re dead.

    2. Not as easy as it sounds to push through those sides tho, often times there are enemines who are fresh from respawn coming down the halls in groups of 2-3 getting back t the objective room

    3. I was checking if someone already commented that. He didn’t have to push from there, u can go to the left corridor and sneak close to their spawn so u delay and stop their reinforcements. So ur team can complete the objective with less opposition 😀

    1. Honestly they just need to update SWBFII with a massive patch for both of the next generation consoles. Crank up the graphics to ULTRA and keep the frame rate above 60 or higher and support the game for years.

    2. Ethan Davo in between battlefront 1 and 2. The fans were upsey because 1 had no prequal content and the “creators” said that battlefront 2 would be heaviliy based on original and sequal content.

      Now ofcourse because the game was “dead” the creator had to listen to the fans and gave us a lot of prequal content to boost the game so we will have to see what will happen to the promise

  5. On Kamino you actually can flank, you can go outside on the left side of the map and ambush the enemy from behind. I always take that route and if my squad happens to spawn we can normally take the whole team by surprise and wipe them out.

  6. Battlefront…always a welcomed surprise on your channel ❤️

    EDIT: Yeah we love our community manager F8RGE (Ben). Such a cool and chilled buddy. 🙂

  7. After giving up on BFV, our group have moved over to BF2 and it’s a tonne of fun. Graphics and gameplay are so much more polished than BFV.

    1. @SKY TECH Enterprise Damn, that’s a pretty massive problem for an FPS, I heard that there are also population problems which makes that royale gamemode nearly unplayable in North America

    2. NKVD Comrade Orion BFV is a stuttery mess and I have a high end rig… when u say stutters I mean micro stutters that occur every couple of seconds, it doesn’t destroy the experience but does alter it and becomes an annoyance very quickly..
      Aside from performance issues, assignments are a mess, hit detection is broken rn, there is an invisible glitch that just randomly affects players.. much more! It’s game breaking in my opinion.. it’s playable but not entirely enjoyable most of the time…

  8. I would literally die for a Planetside 2 version of this game. The all-out epic scale, deep combined arms warfare tactics and high-level teamplay that game has to offer would make this game a total killer and ultimate showcase of what next level FPS can be.

    1. What I always have hoped for since the OG battlefronts is a game that provides seamless space to ground combat… if like Planetside 2 that would be tremendous, and imagine a live service that connects battles across 3 different planets at a time. So you have to jump from planet to planet. This would offer strategy, scale, and environments that would provide for a great Star Wars game

  9. Wish battlefield V looked similar to this. This looks so much cleaner and more uniform than BFV where you can barely see the prone MMG player past 100m because they ruined the lighting by making everything hazy. Not to mention the obnoxious blue filter.

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