A MAJOR PROBLEM! – Surviving Mars Green Planet THE LAST ARK EP 27 – Gameplay Tips & Tricks!

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  1. I personally use transporters in crisis (especially food ones) since you can’t set a priority for witch resources gets move first. However, transporters always listen to you!

  2. I think there has to be demand to load food from waiting drones or shuttles for the food storage to unload food. Starving colonists in a far away dome will not make them automatically start unloading food. And the shuttles don’t seem to give higher priority for food transfers. They will be transferring around concrete and other resources to construction sites even when there are food depots waiting to be filled to their required amount.

  3. i think u need more shuttles and increase the desired amount on mega storages too which is currently on ZERO….Also there is a Mod which automatically manages workload of Drones so u dont have to.

  4. Dude! “Feed me, Skye Storme! Feed me all night long.” This is turning into “The Little MarsShop of Horrors!” (see what I did there?!)

  5. I have a theory for why the big storages were not unloading, they need free drones or shuttles to make a “request” to them for transport. And if you paid attention to anything else, you’d have noticed that the drones around the agridome were busy moving out the fresh harvest from the farms, which I assume to have a higher priority than emptying big storage. You need more drones there I think.

  6. Hey Skye! The food isn’t going to your smaller depots because you have the ‘desired amount’ on the big one turned all the way up!

  7. I thought that the title was a troll until the end of the video. It would be nice if they added something like trains to move resources around at the cost of power and infrastructure. Then you could have stuff shipped long distances even during dust storms.

  8. Your Logistics is not up to par. The Problem is not the Auto- Storage Depots.
    You have required amounts set at all Your Food Depots next to Domes very low, and relying on Shuttles to maintain the supply. No Beuno.
    You could add 2 food depots next to each dome and set the required amount to maximum. That will ensure a supply buffer when Shuttles are not available.

    And You have only a few Shuttle Hubs, which is not a good look.
    The Long Range distribution for all of Your Resources is not supported by proper Logistics.
    This is going to kill any reasonable distribution potential for Your Colony Layout style.

    Or You can bump up Drone Production to fill 50 (ish) drones at each drone hub.
    Then Place a Universal Depot on the Boundary between each Hub. This will give You Logistics on the Ground to spread resources around. So They get shipped about while Shuttles can’t fly.

    Both Ideas will help You in Either situation. And Increase Build Speeds

  9. I never had much success with the agricultural dome approach. Food doesn’t get distributed correctly…

    I build a farm in nearly every dome. Good for comfort, and solves the food distribution problem.

    Oh, the automated storages are working correctly. Why would you want it to fill the output? Then no new food can be added to the storage!
    There were food on the output at all times while you were complaining… Silly Sky. Real silly!

  10. Funniest thing is that there already was a comment a few episodes ago that your food distribution to the ‘northern’ domes is insufficient during dust storms and that you need to crank up storage up there 😉
    Anyway, you could easily stop the starvation by bringing in food via the space elevator. No one has to die 🙂

  11. you should invest in that one wonder that gives you 1k power but then again youre not running mods so you cant have multiple wonders.
    otherwise you should focus on getting that atmosphere up so those darn dust storms stop hurting you so much 😛
    that or keep more food stored near each dome cluster

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