Aang Airbends DEATH BATTLE!

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The Avatar arrives to square off in a fight to the death!

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    1. @Michael Gonzales Aang wouldn’t even know CP weaknesses. Even if he did CP has Elemental Transmutation. For example he could turn Mud into a Vacuum to suck in Pollution, something he has done before. Also he has fought Captain Pollution who is basically his opposite.

      A causal CP can circle the Earth, lift Nuclear power Plants and through them into the sun.

      He can travel at light speed, has control over the forces of nature not just included the 4 elements. CP can become liquid nitrogen & instantly kill Aang.

    2. @Andrew Singleton Aang can bend polluted elements as easily as pure elements, though I’m not sure if he’d be able to discover this weakness in the course of a fight. But besides bending elements, Aaan also has spirit bending, which could likely rip Captain Planet apart.

    1. @SuperBoss Giovanni Maybe, but you can’t underestimate the stone granting immortality and zero casting time to any kind of element.

    2. @Cal DW Another commonality: their shows have ridiculously memorable introductions that explain their premise.



      “Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.”

    1. The only thing that can hurt him is pollution and since his main nemesis is some pollution guy hes not going down also he can use any element not just the basic 4 he can travel across the planet in a few secs he even picked up and tossed a nuclear power plant into the sun

    2. @ScorpioSage Almighty but Capt. Planet is made of the elements. Aang controls the elements.

      That would be worse than even Bloodbending. Aang would rip him literally apart.

    1. A cell is just a room, a gun is just a barrel with a trigger, and if you stab someone in the right place they sleep forever.

    1. I’ve been asking for Hiei vs Hitsugaya for a while now. Two dragon themed swordsmen of opposing elements that have a short man complex and a hot red headed companion. Seems perfect to me.

    1. @Evan Sageser good point with iron blood, but a giant cannonball has a much larger area to hit with and is still faster than any of aangs speed feats.

    2. @Pokarot Cannonballs don’t go anywhere near the speed of a bullet, they’re too large and cumbersome. Ed has no recorded feats of creating anything approaching that approaches the velocity of a bullet. (It’s not even certain that combat alchemy could achieve something that fine without a philosopher’s stone. Rifled guns require a lot of moving parts compared to cannons, and even Basque Grond, the Ironblood Alchemist, who basically specialized in creating Ballistics with alchemy couldn’t make a gun that was capable of hitting Scar at close range. (Scar’s an Ishvalan Warrior monk who’s very good at dodging projectiles, but he’s still not nearly as fast as an Airbender.))

    3. @Pokarot Aang is fast enough to react to lightning, and he is as fast as the wind. So, if we looking at tornado status…

      Still, I’m gonna root for Ed. Cuz reasons 🙂


    *Northern water tribe*🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. I love both characters, but Aang will win in terms of raw power and versatility.

    The irony of this fight is that both of them would never want to take a person’s life

    1. I don’t see people talking enough about how all Aang needs to do in order to incapacitate Edward is break his automail. His automail has a history of breaking quite frequently and I could see just about every form of bending being capable of doing something nasty to it.

    2. John Mauk Yeah, but Ed had a ton of help weakening Father from other characters like Roy and Greed. In fact, Ed’s never held up that well in a one on one fight before. Whereas Aang was able to solo characters like Zuko and Ozai. Also, Ed can’t compete with the Avatar state. Once Aang pulls that out, he’s toast

    3. Though Aangs morality is kinda his whole thing, he’ll most likely try to “take away” Ed’s powers and call it done but then Ed would retaliate hard, even if Aang managed to disrupt his alchemy Ed would just punch him into submission. He beat up the equivalent to a god simply by punching and Aang while an expert bender, isn’t as strong or tough as Ed

    4. Batman doesn’t kill.
      Optimus prime doesn’t kill humans.
      Blastoise, toph, kirby, and Shazam were literal children.
      They’re ok with removing morality

    1. @Christian Santana Zamudio, that sounds cool at first, but Yugo would be much more disadvantaged than Edward. Aang can bend Elements to his will. Yugo has portals, lasers, and an energy sword. Aang can play the distance game in circles around him. Also not to mention that Yugo is younger than Aang and doesn’t have full grasps over his Elitrope powers. By the end of Avatar, Aang is a fully realized avatar and has full control over his avatar state. Yugo, conversely, can only tap his true potential when; a.) he’s in grave peril, or b.) has the Dofus or Eliacube. Considering that he wouldn’t be allowed any of them as they are power enhancers and not his average weapon, he would be quickly outmatched.

    2. @GamerJosh2611 aangs biggest, afaik, destructive feat was his avatar form water behemoth. This would be an instant win for Ed as Ed could easily interact with it and turn it to ethanol. Aang just doesn’t have the speed feats to dodge a hidden attack from Ed, and he doesn’t have the durability to survive it.

    3. @ExodusAGN DUDE TRUST me I LOVE FMA,, but one things it’s not known for is the outlandish super human feats compared to Avatar. I don’t know why they went with this match up, realistically it would only last a few seconds EVEN with the philosophers stone. It’s, like comparing out right superhuman feats to Meta humans

    4. Aang has no speed feats that give him the ability to dodge gun fire. Ed can make giant cannons quickly. If Ed touches Aang he wins with an instant kill. Ed can also make metal from earth which aang can’t bend. Death battle does under value speed feats though, e.g. toph vs gaara.

  3. This comment section in a nutshell-

    90%: People screeching about how Wiz & Boomstick got north & south mixed up…

    Other 10%: Folks talking about how Ed is gonna get face-rolled.

    _Yeesh…_ The little guy just can’t catch a break, can he..?

    1. Kakashi can hang with aang. A casual lightning timer and his sneaky okho techniques make him dangerous even against opponents above his weightclass.

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