Apex Legends Breaking Down

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Apex Legends Season 2 is underway and I'm addicted. I scrutinize myself and analyse my thought process. Sponsored by Apex Legends! Click here to learn more about the game NEW Easter Egg T-Shirt:
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    1. jackfrags awesome video! Don’t try to force them though. I like that you knew before hand exactly what was going on rather than retrospecting on random wins.

    2. It’s really cool this type of video! You could do this for Firestorm, and even for Conquest etc on BFV (re: some engagements in this case)! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. I had this problem but if you load the game by the desktop shortcut instead of through the origin app or the other way round, it might work.

  1. As an average gamer I find it very helpful to learn how a more experienced gamer thinks/operates. Keep these videos coming!

  2. Really nice Jack. Love to know wat you think for every action and stuff so I can try to better apply knowledge learned. Great stuff dude keep it up

  3. Was extremely helpful, I’ve been playing lately and my play style has been lacking. I look forward to trying and getting used to your tactics.

  4. Jack, loved the descriptive narrative of this vid. Very insightful and the slow mo engaging. I would love to see more of this especially on BFV. Thank you for all you do and keep those Xbox BFV vids coming
    I hope to one day get a chanced to play with you GT HHN DAMON

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