Godhood – (Turn-Based Strategy God Game)

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Godhood on Steam:

Create your own religion! Guide and develop your faithful disciples in the strategy god game Godhood. Select their virtues and vices. Inspire them to construct great temples, ready for rituals to be held in your honor. Convert worshippers, defeat your rivals, and become the most powerful god of all!

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  1. Thanks for making these videos! It’s hard to find interesting indie games these days with the high volume of games coming out.

  2. Looks very fleshed out for an Early Access game! I’m just concerned what the endgame is like with a tag like Replay value. Looks like the idea is to get the whole world to follow you, but once that happens is it over? For a single player only adventure I would have hoped the map was more procedural.

  3. Wouldn’t it make more sense to send your less faithful disciples to the campfire to increase their faith? Your prophet doesn’t need it at all.

  4. When I first saw this I thought it was a 4x or city builder game, a lot different than what I thought, but still interesting. Will probably wait till full release so it’s feature complete.

  5. So many of these indie games that look as fleshed out as mobile games charging expensive prices. I’m not really willing to pay above 20 for most games as is

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