Green Army Men! Rising Storm 2 DLC

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    1. I’ve played them all, I loved the World War series, clunky but something about it at the time made me love the game and atmosphere

  1. I know people say this about every niche game but RS2 really is underrated. The devs constantly update the game and add new maps really often. I think it’s the friendly fire and instant death that puts people off which is understandable. Really good FPS if your into long, sneaky flanks. Hilarious community too.

    1. I absolutely love it, reminds me alot of bad company mp but just more hardcore its honestly one of the best hardcore multiplayer shooters out right now

  2. hands down the best Xmas event I’ve ever played, I’m so glad they brought it back

    Blue soldiers could have AKs just to make things more interesting. (Or have maps Green vs. Red)

    also, it’s quite weird that they nerfed the weapons, back in xmas the damage was like in the base game.

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