The Amazing Air Rocket Brutality! – Mortal Kombat 11: “Jacqui Briggs” Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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    1. @fresh kid f 4 1+3 is an awesome combo for kabal. Because of the overhead. You can easily decieve the opponent with low hook grab here.

  1. Hey super not sure if your seeing this but, your channel has been helping me with my fighting game addiction for as long ago as mk9. Thanks so much for helping me and making me become a good mortal kombat and dragon ball player!

    1. Gogeta SSB I don’t choose a specific person. I’ve been enjoying shang tsung but I started on Jackie, frost, and jade. Then moved into jax, Sonya, lu kang.

  2. I don’t play this game but I like the story and Online in general. And I like Isuper,he inspires me to be to stay calm in cucked posetion in any other game with his calming voice.👏👍

    Also shout out to sogy flapjacks & SABR HISSing for getting to meet this man in person/in a match.😊👍

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