New Cache Reveal at ESL One New York 2019 🍎

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Watch the exclusive world premiere of the de_cache remake and witness the first-ever live match only at ESL One New York 2019:

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  1. we have major soon

    and then esl new york

    anddddddddd CACHEEEE

    after that we can begging for operation like lil kids again 😂

    1. @Rotua Frans Manalu I’m not saying it should. It’s not like the aug was. All i’m saying is people will call for something to be nerfed after this major like most majors. The krieg is fine. It’s just an amazing gun used correctly and I think a lot of people will see it used and not like it because they aren’t using AK’s and cry about it.

    2. @allbrosdjay nah… krieg in the game is balance imo

      why ? cuz all map is favor the ct, they always can make an ambush by short corner, and for the long angle ct always ready, so krieg will be a good option

      also even if you really master the recoil, its still one of the hardest recoil to control (just behind the m249 imo)

      maybe just reduce the armor.penetration amd its good

    1. @Hype Ness wanna hear my other opinion

      yes they maybe keep simple grafiti, its FMPONE Volcano map, they can do everything with it, even showcasing it on ESL event (maybe cuz at the major they will do sirocco, and its not valve map)

      but my opinion is still same, if it Valve map like mirage, they probably do the same like dust2

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